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What Now?

No Miracles, Just Sense

I don’t have the 10 tips and tricks with how to be using this downtime. I don’t have a friend who has the inside scoop about where to get black market loo rolls.

Hear me out, I’ve just got one pretty good suggestion.

In the break from the outbreak, there is one thing you can do and that is marketing.


Using This Downtime to Make it Count Down the Line

Steal a glance at the social media of the businesses you follow. It’s likely they’ve not closed their communication channels; they’ve probably posted a couple of things about the COVID-19 virus having affected day-to-day business. But they’re still there.

A lot of us will have more time to twiddle our thumbs, thumbs that are very good at scrolling down phone screens, thumbs that are hungry to click and tap and swipe and share.

Here’s the bit where I come in: without coming into the vaguest contact with you, I can help pave the way for your brand to rise, phoenix-style.

No-one knows how long this may last, how we may have to adapt our businesses to keep succeeding.  Photoshoot packages that really sharpen your marketing knife.


How I Can Help You

With pretty much zero contact, I can help polish your social media imagery and brand content in the following ways:

  1.      Product Photography

Without having to interact with you, I can take pictures of your products up close to really show the shine of your new technology, the unique texture and colour combinations of the dishes on your menu, the prestige that comes with your drinks label.

Just let me know where to pick up your products and I will shoot images that will get you more inquiries.

  1.      Property Photography

Without a professional photographer, interior photoshoot for your property can result in distorted walls, which can give off the wrong impression and even make the room look smaller- not ideal!

Get your holiday properties ready for the summer where people can self-isolate in your gorgeous rentals! I can collect the keys and any relevant products beforehand, dropping them off in a safe space without any contact afterwards.

  1.      Head Shots on Location:

Us photographers are lucky: with lens variety, we can take pictures from far away that look like we’re in kissing distance of you!

Tailored to what impression you would like to give with your headshot, using one of our long-distance lenses, we can meet for a location portrait session and keep a safe distance apart.

  1.      Case Studies:

I can photograph examples of your work so you can showcase the high standards of what your business does and convert those people mulling your company over into fans eager to book you. If you think that’s something that isn’t important for you now- think about what strategies your competition may have.

Finally, we have coming soon a brand spanking new training platform: Santos Photography is now going to teach companies how to create content for their own business. You can be an expert photographer and elevate the imagery and the content of your business.

This can all be done via Zoom, and when completed, we can book in a final photography lesson together when you are happy to meet in person.

If you want to speak to an approachable expert, who knows exactly how to create killer imagery that will stop people in their tracks, schedule a 30-minute call with me.



Weathering the Storm

Since Coronavirus has stormed its way through the globe, we’ve all had to make big, odd, somewhat risky decisions to ensure the future of our businesses.

Let’s get you back at the helm of your business and back to safety, creating electric imagery as eye-catching as lighthouses and steer you away from the storm.



I'd love to hear all about your business, you can contact me on: 0780 644 1856


Take care,





eleanor: 0780 644 1856

jorge: 0737 503 7479

Covid 19 has shut down most peoples companies and many cannot work.... so what now?


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© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)